Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why is happiness boring?

I think I've figured out why divorce rates are so high now a days. Its because people find happiness dull. They expect a life of constant adrenaline rushes, danger, and turbulence. Why else would the writers of popular tv shows feel the need to defend their long term couples? Why the flux? Why the constant need for drama? Why can't people just be happy if they're meant for each other? If they're not meant to be together, ok, that's fine. Break them up. Put them back together. Break them up again. The train-wrecks are admittedly fun to watch.

But why is it that people are now bored with Jim and Pam because they are married and happy? Isn't that what you wanted?? Didn't you want them to end up together and be happy?

And people will answer, well yea but now that there's no more drama, its just not fun to watch.


Well, happiness is just kind of boring on tv.

BUT WHY?? Why in heaven's name would you find two people in love and happy a boring thing to watch. That's a fucking miracle!! 99.9% of television is people fucking around and breaking up and causing drama. You want something unique and interesting? Watch a show about a happy couple that is completely functional!

Why do we have to break up Blair and Chuck now that they are happy and together? Why do you think their scenes aren't as fun now that they're not lying to each other and hurting each other every episode? What does that say about the kind of relationships we foster and desire when we can't even be happy for fictional people? What kind of a person are you if you want to watch people in pain? Why is happiness boring?

I just don't get it. I hate romcoms. Why do I hate them? Because I hate all of that fucking bullshit that leads up to the big climatic finish where the characters declare their love, are about to start the only good part of a relationship, aaaaaaand roll credits. WTF?!?! Why did I just sit through two hours of bullshit?? I want to see the happy! Where they are in love and have problems and get through them together.

I think that's why Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are my favorite twilight books. They're Bella and Edward, in love, committed, working as a team, making decisions as a team, no back and forth or games involved. Its why I hate Jacob. He messes with that happiness and stability. Go away. Get your own girlfriend, stop trying to steal Edward's!

Its also why I don't understand infidelity. Why can you not just be happy?? Why do people have such a problem with consistency and stability?? Why does adventure and independence mean being alone?

I don't know. This is just something I was thinking about. I love love. I love happiness. I love the good part of a relationship, the actual fucking relationship, not the games you have to play to get there. Its probably why I don't have a boyfriend, lol.

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  1. I'm glad you posted this here, because I couldn't figure out how to comment when I saw it on Tumblr.

    I think the most powerful relationships (not limited to just romantic ones, either) are those where people can enjoy each other for who they are, not for what they're doing. The ability to sit and do nothing, and just enjoy each others' company - THAT is what's important.

    Anybody can be happy going on dates constantly, or always having somebody to be intimate with. But that doesn't mean they're truly happy - they just enjoy the excitement. It's when you enjoy the mundane with a person that you know you have something special.

    Same thing with TV - anybody can appreciate the "oh man, what's going to happen with Jim and Pam?!" from the first few seasons. But do those people like Jim & Pam? Or do they like their drama?

    It's not until there's stability (and perhaps some measure of boredom) that you start to see who actually likes the characters, and who only liked the drama.

    (I'm not one to get super-invested in TV characters, but Jim & Pam always make me happy. Except when there was drama, which I actually DIDN'T like.)