Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top 10 Carrie Underwood Songs

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Carrie Underwood. No, love isn't strong enough. I would fall to me knees sobbing hysterically, pledging my undying love and fealty to this woman if I ever met her. Scary? A little. But I don't give a shit because she's the best. So, in honor of my adoration, I have compiled a list of my 10 favorite Carrie songs. This was one of the hardest lists I've ever had to make, but I did it and I'm happy with it. Enjoy!

10. "Songs Like This"
Album: Play On
Out of all of Carrie's "man hater" song, I think this one is my favorite. It's sort of a culmination of all of their main ideas, and I think the beat is catchy and fun.

9. "Inside Your Heaven"
Album: Some Hearts
The reason this song is on my top 10 is because it was the moment I knew she was going to be a superstar. When she sang this on idol, I just knew there'd be no stopping her. It was perfect, her vocals were amazing, and she was just so great. It was the moment I knew I loved her.

8. "The Night Before (Life Goes On)"
Album: Some Hearts
This song is so sweet. It was my most played song when the album first came out, and it never got old. I still love it just as much today as I did then. Sweet song with a sweet message about love and growing up.

7. "I Just Can't Live A Lie"
Album: Some Hearts
This song. Gosh I've always loved it. I'm a sucker for unstoppable, dysfunctional, slightly unhealthy love. And her voice is so passionate and emotional, it really gets to you. Love this one.

6. "Someday When I Stop Loving You"
Album: Play On
I cried the first time I heard this song. The lyrics are so devastatingly sad and poignant. Her performance is flawless and I think its one of her more beautiful songs.

5. "I Told You So"
Album: Carnival Ride
How many artists can say that they did a cover of a classic song that was better than the original? Randy travis himself told Carrie that the song was always meant to be sung by her. It fits her voice perfectly and she adds so much emotion to the lyrics.

4. "Look At Me"
Album: Play On
I love the lyrics to this song. It's so so romantic and now that she's engaged to her little hockey hunk, I think you can really feel her emotions pouring out through the song. Just beautiful.

3. "What Can I Say (feat. Sons of Sylvia)"
Album: Play On
One of her strongest performances vocally. This collaboration with Sons of Sylvia showed that she could do crossover, although I'm not sure that was ever in question. As if the lyrics weren't affecting enough, Carrie's vocals will send chills down your spine. Phenomenal.

2. "Wasted"
Album: Some Hearts
This was the first song on her first cd. I remember sitting at my computer and putting the cd in, SO excited to hear it. This song came on and by the end of it, I was crying. I don't know how to explain it, but I was just so proud of her. Its a great song with a fantastic melody and inspiring lyrics. It was my favorite for a long, long time.

1. "I Know You Won't"
Album: Carnival Ride
This song still gives me chills. By far her strongest performance vocally, it blows me away every time I hear it. The amazing part is that its even better live in concert. I was sobbing when we saw her live and she sang this. Its the ultimate exhibition of her talents. The lyrics are amazingly powerful, and she infuses so much emotion into her voice, while at the same time staying completely in tune. Its raw and polished, all at the same time. My absolute favorite Carrie Underwood song.

Of course, all of Carrie's songs are fantastic! I hope this inspired those who don't really listen to her music, or are turned off because she's country artist, to go and listen to more of her stuff. She truly is one of the most talented artists around.

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