Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 10 Real Life Celebrity Couples

Another list. I just love lists. Anyways, these are my top 10 real life celebrity couples. They're all married, (except for one, but don't get me started. NOH8) and are all beautiful wonderful people. I believe they all love their spouses equally, so this isn't a who is most in love competition. It's simply who I like to read articles about or see pictures of. So on to the list!

10. Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prince Jr.
Together for: 9 years
Children: They just had a baby girl named Charlotte Grace
Why I love them: They're just adorable. They've been together since they filmed a teenage slasher flick. How adorable is that gonna be to tell your daughter? I just love that they've stayed together, they're never in the tabloids EVER, and they seem great.

9. Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner
Together for: 5 years
Children: Two girls, Violet and Seraphina
Why I love them: They so vehemently denied their relationship until there was hard proof of it, which I always find hilarious when you're exposed to the press. But I love the privacy and respect they demand from the media. And I love that Victor Garber officiated at their wedding. That's amazing. And their children are freaking beautiful. And they seem like a beautiful family and a loving couple.

8. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Together for: 4 years
Children: One daughter named Sunday Rose
Why I love them: A little under 5 months after they got married, Keith checked himself into rehab. Everyone expected Nicole to leave him. I mean, they had no kids, they just got married, they'd only dated for 2ish years before they got married, most people wouldn't stay. But not Nicole. She stayed by him and supported him, and he successfully completed rehab. He credits his success to her love, and he wrote her the following song, which would be enough reason to have them on this list all on its own.

7. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Together for: 13 years
Children: 3 daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey
Why I love them: Easily the most stable, supportive, normal couple in the music industry. They have such a beautiful family and are such a strong team. It was difficult to find a picture of the two of them that wasn't them performing! They have so much respect for each other and they only do love duets with each other. They've produced a million hits together, but the following video and song is one of the most amazing, intimate things I've ever seen and really perfectly showcases their love.

6. Seal and Heidi Klum
Together for: 5 years
Children: 4 kids, Leni (adopted by Seal), Henry, Johan, and daughter Lou
Why I love them: My favorite thing about Seal and Heidi, (besides their gaggle of children and the fact that Seal so easily accepted Leni as his own despite the fact that he's not his biological father) is how playful they are with each other. They've been together for 5 years and yet they still seem like newlyweds. They're so supportive of each other and are so open about their relationship and their love. For how famous they both are, they seem very down to earth and appear to have their priorities in the right order.

5. Jenny Garth and Peter Facinelli
Together for: 13 years
Children: 3 girls, Luca, Lola, and Fiona
Why I love them: They have the most beautiful family. I know I've said that for all of them but this one takes the cake. They are so adorable, they're kids are gorgeous, and they're such devoted parents. They're in the spotlight now thanks to a little vampire movie, but its very obvious that their family is their life. I think its an amazing thing to see something like that in Hollywood.

4. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtker
Together for: 5 years
Children: Not yet... ; )
Why I love them: Unfortunately for every gay man ever, when Neil came out in 2007, he came out saying he was already taken. These two are so freaking adorable. They're silly and loving and fun and they're just the best of friends. Quiet and unobtrusive, they're committed to each other and allow their normal and amazing relationship to speak for itself as a symbol for gay rights. Neil constantly refers to David as his better half. Precious.

3. Beyonce and Jay-Z
Together for: 7 years
Children: Nope, but Bey's said she wants to be a mother
Why I love them: I love how intensely private they are about their relationship. It's something thats very personal to Beyonce, not to mention that they intensity of both of their fame levels makes a relationship very difficult. They take it seriously, they love and support each other, and they keep their private life private. All of this and of course, how freaking powerful they are. They're like the ultimate power couple. Amazing.

2. Victoria and David Beckham
Together for: 12 years
Children: 3 boys, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo
Why I love them: This may seem like a surprising choice for me, but I can't help it, I adore the Beckhams. They are the most fabulous couple. Fabulous marriage, fabulous children, fabulous looks, fabulous ad campaigns (Armani underwear, together??), fabulous life. They are so glamorous! And all of this superficial stuff aside, they have been together for 12 years, they have beautiful children that they're really involved with, and they really seem to love each other. Plus, they're Posh and Becks. C'mon.

1. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi
Together for: 5 years
Children: None
Why I love them: I think Ellen and Portia have the most amazing love story. Here it is if you don't know it. When they met, Portia was not openly gay. She wasn't ready to be an openly gay actress in hollywood. She says that when she saw Ellen for the first time, she felt an instant pull to her, and she just wanted to know her. They saw each other every now and again for the next 3 years. Portia was in love with her, but Ellen was the most famous lesbian in America and she was afraid. Finally, after 3 years, she decided that she had to tell her how she felt, because she couldn't stand to be without her anymore. She says that their love overpowered her fear. So they start dating, and after 2 years Ellen proposes to her with a pink diamond ring. Portia of course says yes, and the set the date for August of 2008. Then a month before their already scheduled ceremony, the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in California. So they have a legal marriage, completely by chance. Its so magical and romantic. They're just crazy about each other and I love them both so much.


  1. Beyonce and JayZ have been together for 7 years? Wow. Interesting.

    I LOVE THIS LIST, A++++! I also love Aly Hannigan + Alexis (aka Sandy Rivers). :)

  2. I love Ellen!! The wedding was beautiful and I am so happy that she and Portia can live as a married couple. They are so happy together...I hope someday to be as happy with my partner as these two are...

  3. i'd love to see the Kutchers on the list. they stayed (surprisingly) long and lovely with each other :)

  4. fantastic list! i also like Sarah Jessica Parker + Matthew Broderick