Saturday, January 16, 2010

Epic Power Couple = Epic First Kiss

Everyone knows that there's a huge variety of relationships on television, each one with different defining characteristics and similarities. One of my personal favorites is, surprise surprise, the power couple. This is a relationship that is often volatile, all consuming, and ultimately fated. It's not necessarily in the hands of those in the relationship to decide whether or not they're going to be together. When it comes down to it, they can't not be with one another. The power couple has a lot of defining characteristics but one I've noticed is that every power couple has an epic first kiss. It's amazing, passionate, surprising, and its this kiss that ignites the relationship, makes the two see that they're meant to be together. Here's a list of some of my favorite power couples and their epic first kisses.

~Barney and Robin~
How I Met Your Mother
I loved this episode already and then it ended with this amazing kiss that began BRo love. Barney and Robin are pretty much perfect for each other and this epic kiss sent them across the line from friendship into something more, and made Barney realize that he was in love with Robin.

~Logan and Veronica~
Veronica Mars
I still haven't finished watching all 3 seasons of Veronica Mars BUT I've loved these two since the moment Veronica kissed Logan just....because. I love this kiss because she just sort of does it, completely overwhelmed with some seriously conflicting emotions. And he simply gets it, and kisses her back. Amazing.

~Brandon and Kelly~
Beverly Hills, 90210
Vicki and I just started watching BH 90210, but it's pretty apparent to us that the writers are pushing Brandon and Kelly as the power couple of this show. Their first kiss at the prom was so epic and it seems to have already set the stage for their relationship, even though it doesn't exist yet. In fact, they might be the strongest example simply because we don't know exactly where this relationship is going to led, but the amazingness of this kiss has already made us fans of them.

~Tim and Lyla~
Friday Night Lights
This scene was so emotionally charged. He was grappling with his guilt about Jason's accident, she was dealing with the loss of her dream future, and all these emotions and feelings exploded in both of them and led to one of the most epic power couples of all time. Honestly, I don't think it gets much better than these two.

~Kate and Sawyer~
While it can be argued that Kate and Sawyer are not meant to be, it cannot be argued that this is one of the hottest, most electrified kisses ever on television. Whether or not they want to, something inside of them speaks to the other, and they're connected forever. This kiss didn't really start that connection, it only gave it a way to express itself.

~Blair and Chuck~
Gossip Girl
This could arguably be called the kiss heard round the world. I mean come on, it got it's own promotional campaign! This moment changed not only these characters, but the path of the entire television show, irrevocably. Once viewers saw the perfection that is chuckandblair, there was no going back and this kiss is what began it. Completely outrageous, scandalous, shocking, and beyond hot it tied these two together permanently.

~Ross and Rachel~
Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. The definition of fated lovers. This is probably one of the most amazing, passionate, romantic, wonderful first kisses ever. It sealed the deal for these two and 10 seasons later, they finally, FINALLY got back together and stayed together. One of my all time favorite moments.

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