Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GG Season 3 Fashion

One of the best parts of Gossip Girl is undoubtedly all the clothes. All of the characters, or at least the majority *cough*Brooklyn*cough*, have awesome wardrobes and half the reason I tune in every week is to see what they're all wearing. While Season 2 wasn't quite as good as Season 1, in my opinion, Season 3 has seriously brought it's A game. Here are some highlights:

Nate is more handsome than ever.
And his new girl is pretty cute too.

Chuck is, just, wow.

Cabbage Patch has even stepped up his game...sort of.

I'm loving Serena's clothes so far. So fun and different.
p.s. that bag, holy crap. I WANT it.

Little J hasn't filmed much yet but she looks great here. This girl has legs for days.

Georgina is back and she looks nice, although I'm not dying over the dress.

Even Brooklyn looks pretty good, which is an accomplishment in itself.

And Blair, of course, is stunning. I love her hair right now, the color is so pretty, although I miss the darker curls of season 1. And that red dress is freakin AMAZING. Chuck thinks he worships her dresses? Not nearly as much as I do.

And Leighton's everyday style is so cute too!

I'm like 96% sure this is costume and not Leighton and Jessica's street clothes but either way, the clothes are adorable and I'll never pass over an opportunity to show how cute and awesome Leighton is.

I'll finish with Chuck and Blair being adorable and killing me dead from happiness. Is it September 17th yet?
sigh. so wonderful.

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  1. GG premiere is sept. 14th, not 17th ! # less days 4 U 2 wait!