Saturday, July 11, 2009

HBP New York Premiere!

Soooooo I've decided that I'm always posting fun pictures from premieres cause they're awesome and everyone wears great stuff.

Harry Potter 6 premiered in New York City a few days ago and all the young stars brought their A-game. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermoine, Draco, and Cormac represented the cast and they all looked great! So here's some highlights:

Tom Felton lookin' snazzy and ridiculously sexy with his rumpled shirt and undone bow tie. And I love how he's always smiling, he seems like a really happy guy!

Dan Radcliffe looked normal and actually very nice! He's such a small guy and kinda weird looking, but he always cracks me up in interviews, he's so eccentric in an awesome way.

Bonnie Wright definitely looked old enough to be anyone's love interest. She looks amazing, I love the hair and the makeup and the dress, hell, I love the whole look. She's stunning.

Rupert Grint is so precious, I adore him. I love how casual he is, but still presentable. He doesn't look like a bum, he just looks laid back.

Freddie Stroma plays Cormac and he is freakin gorgeous. Grey/silver suits are my new favorite look on guys right now and he looks damn good in his. I hope he's not just a pretty face and can act too, but honestly, I probably won't notice.

And of course, my girl Emma Watson looks stunning, per usual. She never disappoints me and this look is no exception. I LOVE this dress, it fits her like a glove, and her hair looks really great. She's so awesome.

All in all, this is one attractive, well dressed cast. They did the movie proud!

And for Cate, because she's my bfflfsykdt:
how adorable is he??

And we end with an obligatory "emma is silly and great" pic!! : )


  1. Ohhhhhhh Tom. He's pretty fantastic. I wouldn't mind if he gained a few pounds though. Haha.
    Dan is weird and kinda creepy looking.
    Rupert just looks awesome and chill.
    Emma is so pretty!! I love her too.

    Oh Tom... mmm...

  2. Oh yeah, and Bonnie is stunning. I love her dress and she looks way more grown up than last time. I'm feeling better about her now.