Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Awesome Supernatural Dream!

I had the most amazing dream last night! Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, I wrote it down as soon as I woke up so I'd remember it. It's pretty long so I won't set it up much.

I was with Sam and Dean, and I'm pretty sure I was the third sister or something, or maybe a Jo like character, but I know for sure I was not romantically involved with either. I was definitely more like family. So we were at this house that looked creepy on the outside and kind of abandoned on the inside, but then it kind of had my grandma's backyard. I don't remember why we were there but we were fully armed with shotguns and rocksalt. We were standing outside the house for some reason and then it got really windy and I turned around. One of the creepy black storm clouds from hell was coming towards us! I looked at Dean and he was like, "oh crap. everyone get inside, run!" so we sprinted for the house as the cloud was coming down on us. we made it inside and the house was doing the normal thing, shaking, lights flickering, etc.Sammy told me to get ready and make sure I had extra ammo. Dean said to shoot everything, lol.

So slowly, one by one, ghosts started coming in. Ghosts, not demons, but they acted like demons. We were in a circle, and were helping each other out and covering each other and stuff. We were shooting everything and trying so hard but there were soooo many. Eventually we started losing so we made our way through the house and ran outside. We got separated then and I had to fight off a bunch of ghosts by myself.

So there were ghosts everywhere and we were definitely outnumbered and surrounded. I looked at Dean, hoping he had a plan, but he had that "oh shit, we actually might not get out of this" look on his face and I got big time scared. I looked at Sammy and he was out of rock salt shells and I knew we were in trouble.

The ghosts were surrounding us. They knew they'd won. Two of them grabbed Sam and two grabbed Dean. A few starting coming up to me and they were sort of taunting us, saying they were going to call for demons and have them possess us. I decided that being like Dean in this situation might not help us, so I tried talking to them.

I said, "Why are you all here? Why haven't you moved on? Is this really where you want to be, what you want to be doing? You should be resting!"

One ghost, who seemed sort of like the leader, laughed at me and was like, "Why shouldn't we be here?"

"Because you're dead! And what's dead should stay dead."

I looked at Dean, who was giving me his amazing intense emotional face, and Sammy who was doing the same thing. I smiled softly at both of them and said, "Well, unless you have a really good reason for coming back."

The ghost said, "You don't know what you're talking about." And I said, "Really, I don't? Both of them died. They were dead. Dean's actually almost died twice." And the ghosts started murmuring to each other so I decided to keep going with this.

"Sam was kidnapped and when we went to save him, we were too late. He'd been killed. He was dead and Dean just couldn't do it." I looked over at Dean when I said this and started crying because he was doing his emotional I'm not gonna cry face, so I did. "Being the idiot that he is, he went to a crossroads and he made a deal with a fucking demon."

The ghosts are all listening to me now. "He sold his soul for Sam and the demon gave him one year to live." I sort of laugh a little, kind of sadly cause I'm still crying. "And it was an awesome year. but..." Now I'm like legit crying, but I can still talk. "they came for him. We tried everything but they still came. Dean died. And he didn't just die, like you. He was dragged to hell by hell-hounds and was there for 40 fucking years."

I look around and all the ghosts are looking at me. They're definitely listening and they look sad. "Both of them have died. Both of them have left me here, alone, so don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. And they both came back, they did, I admit that. But not of their own choosing. they were brought back and they're miserable. Please, save yourselves. We choose this life, this fate. You don't have to. Let yourselves be at peace. Rest, finally."

All the ghosts kind of starting looking around at each other. One woman comes forward and looks at me, smiles, closes her eyes, and this light makes her disappear. Soon, more of them are doing it until they all do.

We're alone in the backyard and Dean and Sam are completely shocked. Sam says, "I can't believe it. They left." Dean says, sarcastically, "I can't believe you talked to them. No, actually, I can't believe you told them our freakin life story." He's not really mad so I just laughed and said, "Well it worked didn't it?!" Sam starts smiling and then runs over and hugs me, laughing. Dean comes over to and hugs me. I pull back a little and he has that emotional face on again and he looks down and says, "I'm so sorry. For everything we put you through." I lifted his face up and looked him in the eyes and smiled at him. "It was worth it."Then we hugged again and kind of laughed it off a little bit.

So then its a little fuzzy, but basically other people come over, people that we like, and we have a bbq or something? I think it actually might have been some of my family, but they would have been our family? I don't know. Anyways, we're outside and Dean started it but somehow we got in a water fight! Dean got me wet somehow, so I splashed him back or something, and then it turned into an all out battle, and I somehow pushed him in the pool! I was laughing hysterically and when he surfaced he gave me that devil smirk and was like, "bad choice sweetie." So I was running around the yard and he was chasing me and he caught me and picked me up and ran over to the pool and he jumped in holding onto me, laughing.

Under the water, we opened our eyes and I smiled at him and hugged his neck and then we kissed! Except it was like nice family kisses, not how I actually want to kiss Dean. Dang it. In the dream I was so happy though, so whatever. Then he pushed us to the surface and I was still hanging on to him and Sammy was laughing at us and it was so happy.

And then I woke up! Best. Dream. Ever. Except for the Taylor Kistch one, but whatever. I was totally a hunter with the Winchesters. Scratch that. I WAS a Winchester. So epic.

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