Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GG Fashion Party Post!

With the season 3 premiere of Gossip Girl getting closer and closer, my excitement is reaching fever-pitch levels. To calm myself down and not act like a crazy person, I'm doing another GG Fashion Post/opinions about crap. And since I know so much about Gossip Girl and clothes, my opinion is more like fact, ; ). Onwards!

The CW just released a cute video about Serena's fashion this season and I thought it was really neat. Check out my tumblr if you're interested, (which I know you're probably not.) Anyways, there's a couple fancy parties going down early in the season and this is Serena's dress for one of them. I think it's fantastic. The bust line is gorgeous and fits her like a glove and the color is just so pretty, I love it.

These are three recent outfits of S's and I have to say, I think they might be my favorites so far. They're just so cute and sexy and trendy and awesome. Kind of like her I guess? Ignore cabbage patch in the second one.

Mama Van Der Woodsen is looking lovely and skinny in her pretty pink dress. This woman just had a baby? Lies. I'm glad to see Lily out of all that frumpy crap from last season. And look! Her hair isn't in an ugly bun at the back of her head! Amazing!

Blair continues to floor me with these two outfits. The purple and yellow dress is easily my favorite piece so far. It's just amazing. So so gorgeous. You can tell who the costume designer's favorite on set is....

Speaking of favorites, I've decided that Jessica Szohr must be a psycho beezy to both the writers and the costume designers. How else can you explain how annoying and awful her character is and how fugly her wardrobe is? That blue "dress" is just so unflattering. Ugh. And I just don't like the yellow shift dress thing. Her accessories are pretty, but other than that, this girl is just nasty. AND THE HAIR. Oh good God, the hair. Why? Why is her hair so terrible? I just don't understand it.

Moving on to our guest stars!

Is it just me or do these two look annoying already? Am I just biased because Nate is annoying? Because seriously, they seem so obnoxious to me. Majorly gag-worthy.

Hilary Duff is looking sensational so far. I LOVE this dress. It is so freaking cute and fits her so well. It's a really neat, unique color and it's really flattering on her figure. I love how normal she is, size wise.

I love Georgina, I really do, but this dress is soooo not flattering. It makes her look so bottom heavy. And the silver completely washes her out. I really hate it.

Finally, there seems to be a major event in the works at GG. Chuck was seen in a basic black suit with a black bow tie, which is basically unheard of, so I think it must be really fancy. Not sure why Vanessa is invited, but here she is in a fancy dress. For me, this outfit seals my opinion on her. That is an amazing dress. It's truly beautiful. However, she is so not pretty. Again, the hair, gah so terrible. And honestly, her face is just not pretty. Sorry Jessica.
Leighton on the other hand looks phenomenal. She's so stunning. I love her hair and makeup but OF COURSE they're not going to let me see her dress yet. They did this with her prom dress and it drove me nuts! I wanna see! What I can tell is that it's purple with black accents, an amazing shade of plum to be specific. It's going to be amazing, I'm sure.

Alrighty, that's all for now. You know you love me.

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