Friday, August 7, 2009

Holy crow, another GG fashion post!

STOP THE PRESSES!!! ALEX IS DOING ANOTHER GG FASHION POST!!! This is just unheard of. Lol if you're bored of these, feel free to skip on by. I won't be offended. And contrary to popular belief, this is not really about my obsession with Gossip Girl. I mean, obviously, its a little about my obsession with Gossip Girl, but its mostly about my obsession with clothing. I absolutely love the fashion on this show and Season 3 continues to kick ass. Here's an update with recent outfits from the last week or two of filming.

Blair only has 2 cute new outfits but they are major winners. The yellow dress is adorable, sexy yet sweet, but I adore the floral skirt and coral top. Holy crow that is fucking cute.

It's fun to follow Blair with Vanessa because she's such a trainwreck. Seriously? Brush your hair, ya freakin slob. And wtf is that pattern??

My favorite thing about Serena is that she is such a big girl but she's fucking gorgeous. She has amazing hips and gorgeous legs and she shows them off. I love that about her. That said, the silver dress is trashy. Sorry love. The other 2 are really cute though, especially the Blair like pencil skirt and red beaded necklace. So classy.

Look at Hilary! Welcome to the show girl! A pretty good entrance if you ask me! I hope her acting is as good as her wardrobe. Especially the gold dress, wowza.

And now the star of the show, IMO, Little J, or should I say Queen J, because she's extremely deserving of the title. What a rock star she's turned into! She's got LEGS, holy crap, and her hair is long again!!! Yay!! I'm so happy to see that. Also the makeup is great, not racoony at all, thank god.
This dress This is so hot. And so pretty. And so awesome. I adore it. She looks like the royalty Blair made her.

Sigh. I love this show.

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