Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The 3 types of Man Crying

Vicki also requested this one.

I was explaining to Holly and Vicki the 3 different types of male crying that happens in tv or movies and they were so blown away by my genius, they requested I share my insights with the world. So, for the first time, I'm revealing to the public one of my theories about tv/film. Enjoy!

There are 3 different types of crying performed by men in movies or tv. They are all equally as powerful, but are reserved for different events and situations, usually pertaining to a lover. I have examples for each, don't worry.

1. The Eye-Well
This is the most common type of crying. It's usually reserved for an emotional situation with a love interest, but not an overpowering one. The man is usually trying to control his emotions and facial expressions, and is trying not to let the woman see how much she is affecting him. It can also be seen in touching family moments or situations of father/child bonding.

2. The Power Tear
This is my personal favorite. It is usually reserved for intensely emotional situations that still require some emotional control. It's preceded by the eye-well, is usually accompanied with a set jaw and a resolute attitude, and is distinguished by the lone tear that is released.  In many cases, the man's love interest could have just ended the relationship, she could be hurt or in danger, or he could be in a situation that does not allow for grieving. It's also commonly found in goodbyes of any kind.

3. The Screaming Sob
This is the most extreme case of male weeping and is only used in cases of inconsolable grief. It is always intensely emotional and can be violent, especially if the grief is over a lover. As an actor, it is extremely difficult to make believable. However, if done properly it is profoundly emotional and usually reduces the criers in the audience *cough*me*cough* to a hysterical mess.

Yes, I know, I watch too much tv. You have to admit this is good stuff though. : )

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  1. hahaha omg this is wonderful. <3 i like your examples. :)