Sunday, May 31, 2009

Awesome people, awesome memories

This is from drunk bowling this year! It was so much fun and this is one of my favorite pictures ever.

Hahaha I think this is from the very first Tequila Tuesday, when it was just Sarah, Lauren, and I and we watched Pocahontas. It was epic and began one of the greatest traditions ever.

Yay high school! This was the day Caity, Megan and I went to the Angels vs. A's game in Oakland. Strongest memory from that day:
Caity: Alex, what are you doing?
Alex: Um, I'm trying to watch the game?
Caity: You don't actually pay attention during a baseball game!
Alex: Then why are we even here?!

This is from first year, wow! Laur slept over, not sure why, probably something to do with "It" and Misty. Carrissa took this and if I remember correctly she was very drunk that night and hilarious.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Caity and Samantha. We were drinking at Megan's house, I think it was one of our last times actually, and for some reason I had a bunch of my dresses in my car. Well, an "Alex's Clothes Fashion Show" began and it was awesome. That was a pretty great night. Sam is drunk. Caity is not. Lol

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  1. HAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Okay that last picture was funny. I believe at one point all of our pants were randomly thrown into a pile on Megans floor. Awesome. I like that I look way tanner than Sam. And bigger. Hahaha.

    OH! And I NEVER told you not to pay attention to the game!! Maybe that was Megan, but I would never say that. I DO pay attention. Ha.