Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Favorite Actresses

These are some of my favorite women in Hollywood. They are all phenomenal actresses as well as truly good people, and they are all the epitome of class and elegance. These are also some of my favorite dresses they've worn. Enjoy!

*Cate Blanchett*
Favorite Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dress: She wore this at the Oscars in 2007. I love the color 
and the cut just fits her perfectly. It's so elegant and simple, but still stunning.
Why Cate: I think Cate is impossibly beautiful, so classy, and an amazing actress. She was so great in Benjamin Button, and everything else she does. Loved her in LOTR too.

*Anne Hathaway*
Favorite Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
The Dress: She wore this at the Oscars in 2008. The red is so striking against 
her pale skin and dark hair, and the cut is an interesting take on a Grecian style. I LOVE the rose details across the bust. She looks like a goddess, like freakin Aphrodite.
Why Anne: She was awesome in The Princess Diaries and then she grew up and become even cooler. If I doubted her acting chops, Brokeback Mountain changed that for sure. Not only is she smart and funny, she takes risks with the roles she chooses. And she's so pretty and normal sized! Girls got hips!

*Kate Winslet*
Favorite Movie: Little Children
The Dress: She wore this to the Oscars this year. I love everything about this dress. The way the colors darken towards the bottom, the lace overlay on the side, the gorgeous bustline, the one shoulder, its phenomenal.
Why Kate: Anyone who knows me knows I worship this woman. She's stunning and an amazing actress. She is so classy and lives a very private life, which I think is so cool. She refuses to give into Hollywood crap. She's known for being proud of her very normal body and is naked in most of her movies which is so brave. She's just awesome.

*Angelina Jolie*
Favorite Movie: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
The Dress: She wore this to the Oscars this year. Elegance
 incarnate. A beautifully cut, simple black sleeveless gown with oversized emerald earrings and a simple, classic hairstyle with understated makeup. Absolutely amazing.
Why Angelina: Say what you want about her, you can't deny what an amazing humanitarian she is. She and Brad have done remarkable things for this country and others, and I don't mean adopting a million kids, even though she does all this stuff with 6 children, which is amazing in itself. She's classy, smart, involved, down
 to earth, and a gifted actress. Love her.

*Keira Knightly*
Favorite Movie: The Duchess
The Dress: She wore this at the Golden Globes in 2006. The  cut flatters her super skinny frame, while the details on the front keep a white, strapless dress interesting and young. Love the crystals too.
Why Keira: This girl has got some serious talent. She is gorgeous and really smart, and she has a cool british accent!

Okay that's the top pretty much! I'll add more if I think of someone I love but I missed.
-Queen A

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