Sunday, May 31, 2009

My 10 Favorite Blair Waldorf Outfits

So by now I think it's pretty obvious that I have an unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl. So to further this, I decided to make a list of my 10 favorite outfits Blair Waldorf has worn. Her clothes are my absolute favorite on the show and she has sooo many awesome outfits, it was ridiculously hard to choose. But I did, and here are my top 10:

10. From 2.25, "The Goodbye Gossip Girl"
I love this outfit because it is so ridiculously preppy, yet sexy at the same time. So Blair. I love the yellow and gold together, love the tweed skirt, love the big buttons on the cardigan, and the shoes are to die for. 

9. From 2.19, "The Grandfather"
This dress is so gorgeous. It fits her like a glove and it manages to be sexy without being slutty. The black and white diagonals make it unique and interesting, while the adorable cream cardigan dresses it down. That amazing nautical necklace and her red lips take the outfit from good to spectacular.

8. From 2.23, "The Wrath of Con"
This outfit is so classy. It's extremely feminine, from the bows, to the pink, to the floral print on the blouse. It's just beautiful and I love the dark plum tights paired with the pastels in the shirt and skirt. Adorable.

7. From 1.18, "Much I Do About Nothing"
Blair wore this dress to the VanderBass wedding and I absolutely adore it. Again, it's extremely feminine and I just love the shape, the neckline is gorgeous, with the ribbon straps. I love the giant flower at her neck and her hair is amazing. Tons of braids and the giant pink flower headband, it's just too cute.

6. From 1.10, "Hi Society"
This is Blair's Cotillion dress. the cut of this dress is fantastic. The bow at her shoulder, the fitted waist, the overlapping slits in the front, the train in the back, it's all perfect. The necklace Chuck gave her is gorgeous and I love the metallic ivory sheen the dress has. So pretty and so classy.

5. From 1.09, "Blair Waldorf Must Pie"
I love all the lace in this outfit. The dress is very short but the adorable printed tights and class to it. The tan lace print over the black slip is fantastic and the brown mini-poncho is so freakin cute. It's sweet, innocent, sexy, and classy all at once.

4. From 2.25, "The Goodbye Gossip Girl"
Blair wore this dress to Nate's graduation party. It's so gorgeous I barely have words. The white lace over the black dress is stunning and I love the flower detailing at the waist line. The neckline is gorgeous, the straps are awesome, and her necklace is so so neat. Love the headband of course, too.

3. From 2.25, "The Goodbye Gossip Girl"
This is Blair's graduation dress. The dress is skin tight but still classy. I love the detailing at the bust and then the dark navy body. Her pearls are really neat, with the focus piece on the side and the light blue cardigan adds a really fun burst of color. You can't see it in this picture but she's wearing red tights too, which is awesome.

2. From 1.17, "Woman on the Verge"
I love this dress. I love the giant sequins and beads all over it. I love the sheer fabric on top. I love the cut and the tie at the waist. I love the neckline, I love the pearls, I love that amazing headband. I love this dress and it was a close, close second.

1. From 2.18, "The Age of Dissonance"
I worship this outfit. Its just spectacular. Its so elegant and classy and sexy and sweet and feminine and strong. I love the cream top with the black lace detailing at the sleeves and down the front. At the sleeves especially, thats so cool. I adore the skirt, with the interesting pattern and the light sheen. Its so gorgeous, I want it soooo bad.

Okay, those are my top 10 Blair Waldorf outfits! There are a ton more that I love, so maybe I'll just periodically post a picture I like. We'll see! : )

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  1. I LOOOVE the Cotillion dress!!! Oh my goodness. Soo much. And the black and white one is my number 2. I believe it is your #6..? I think. But it's GREAT. I want her wardrobe.