Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top 5 People I'd Want To Rescue Me

My wonderful roommate Victoria suggested a new power point presentation and I jumped on board immediately! This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be but I'm pretty happy with the result. I would be more than thrilled to see any one of these people show up in a sticky situation! So without further ado,

"The Top 5 People I Would Want To Rescue Me, with some Honorable Mentions"

#5 - John McClane
When terrorists attack or a crazy Russian man takes over the building, I would pick John McClane to rescue me from the hostage crisis any day. He's a total badass, doesn't play by the rules, and has awesome, snarky catchphrases. It would be especially nice to be his daughter if you've been kidnapped because he will stop at nothing to save you. What a good daddy.

#4 - Eric Northman
Eric is my pick for any supernatural occurrence. Crazy pack of werewolves waiting to ambush you in your home? Eric will tear them limb from limb. Psycho bitch tries to kill you with a shotgun in your kitchen? Eric will take the bullet for you and then hide the body after you shoot the bitch. Crazy vampire trying to force you into a blood bond that will make you his slave? Eric will protect you and bond you to him instead. Eric won't die for you, he'll just kill everyone who threatens you. I think that's better.

#3 - The Cullens
Sure they may look like ordinary teenagers, but don't let the perfect hair and awesome clothes fool you. This family will rescue you from a sadistic tracker vampire intent on torturing you to death, protect you from the vampire royalty who want to turn you, defend you against an army of newborn vampires, and outwit the entire Volturi Gaurd when the come to kill you and your family. I'd also pick them for my little league team every time.

#2 - Kahlan Amnel
She may be a girl but I promise you, she could take on every single one of these guys and probably kick their ass. As the Mother Confessor, Kahlan can bend anyone to her will just be touching them. She can tell whether or not you're lying just by looking in your eyes. She has awesome daggers and can fight like a freakin ninja. If you're still not convinced, watch the finale of Legend of the Seeker and then tell me you wouldn't want Kahlan on your team. She would do literally anything to save the Seeker and she is definitely someone I would want rescuing me. Woman is a bamf.

#1 - Jason Morgan
He may not have super powers, but I would still pick Jason as my savior every time. He's got a ridiculous amount of experience in the rescue business. While he may be technically a criminal, he's still the town hero. He can save you from a hostage crisis, a hotel fire, a psycho mass murderer, a virus outbreak, a kidnapper, and pretty much anything else you can think of. He's been shot, beat up, stabbed, lost his memory, blown up, and he's still standing. And he's so yummy.

Honorable Mentions: 

While Vulcans may not show emotion, they're sure brave. Spock didn't even hesitate to beam onto a planet that was rapidly turning into a black hole in order to save his parents and the Vulcan High Council. I'd be cool with him showing up if I was in trouble.

Logan isn't my favorite X-Men character, but you can't deny that when he likes you, he protects you. I'd definitely feel safe with Logan on my team.

Okay that's it! Questions, comments, concerns?


  1. Okay, the Kahlan thing - SPOT ON. Seriously. BAMF FO SHO. The others... I dunno. I'm still thinking about it.