Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Video Time!

As a professed youtube addcict, it is my pleasure to show some of my favorite videos right now!

1. Bizkit, the sleep walking dog. This is the funniest fucking video I have ever seen!

2. Rodrigo y Garbiella. These 2 are amazing! I have never seen anyone play guitar like this in my LIFE.

3. This is my FAVORITE Chuck and Blair music video. It's amazing.

4. The amazingness that is Carrie Underwood singing the amazingness that is The Sound of Music

5. New True Blood Season 2 Promo! It's freakin awesome.

6. One of my favorite Blair and Chuck scenes from Season 1 of Gossip Girl.

7. Taylor Swift's new video for "You Belong With Me," it's adorable!!

Okay I think that's all I want to share for now! Be sure to check back for more awesomeness later on.

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