Monday, June 8, 2009

Caity and Alex ROCK, Ch. 1

Okay so this is something Caity suggested because I was ridiculously bored and I decided to run with. It's a random little story that I'm going to write about me and Caity. I have no plan and no idea where this is going, but I guess we'll see! I hope it's not too terrible.
Caity and Alex ROCK
By: Alex Lawler

-Chapter 1-

"Come on Ali, whats the harm in trying? You might as well." Caity pushed my phone over to me with the radio's number already typed in.

"I'm never going to get through. Do you have any idea how many people are going to be calling in soon?" 

"No, and I don't care. You have to at least try! Come on, what's the big deal?" Caity huffed in exasperation. I knew I was being stubborn, but I also knew she wasn't going to stop. She was way more stubborn than me.

I sighed in defeat and picked up my phone. We were sitting on the floor of her room listening to the local radio station, waiting for Paramour's single "Decode" to come on. That was the signal to call in to try and win two tickets to the red carpet premiere of New Moon and Caity had convinced me that we had to at least try.

"Now do we have any kind of strategy?" I asked.

Caity frowned in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Like, am I just gonna call as soon as we hear the song or should I wait for a few seconds?"

Caity thought for a moment, and then said, "I think you should call immediately, and if you don't get through, then you should wait like, 5 seconds, and try again."

"Okay, that sounds like a solid plan. What time is it? Didn't the guy say the song would play around 3:30?"

Caity glanced at her phone. "Yea he did, and it's 3:28. We should probably turn it up and stop talking. We need to be ready."

She reached over and turned the radio up a little more. I had butterflies going crazy in my stomach. Why am I so nervous? It's not like I'm going to win, I thought. I never do. Even so, my hands were shaking as I listened intently to a song I didn't recognize on the radio.

The song ended and the DJ came back on. "Okay Twilighters, it's time!" the voice boomed from the radio. "Decode" starting playing behind his voice. "Grab those phones and call in now! Be the hundredth caller and you'll win two tickets to the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon! Good luck!" His voice died out and Paramour began singing.

I looked at Cate and smiled. "Okay, here goes nothing!" I picked up my phone and pressed the send button. My heart hammering through my chest, I held my phone to my ear. Three seconds felt like three hours until I heard it connect and then my heart sunk when I heard a busy signal.

"Shit! Busy signal." I swore as I hung up. "It's okay, lets wait a second and then try again," Cate said. I nodded and waited three seconds before trying again. Busy again.

"Damn it. Well, should we give up?" I'd already accepted defeat. I knew we'd never get through. Cate thought for a second, and then shook her head. "No, lets try one more time. Third times a charm, right?" I couldn't help but smile at her determination. "Right. Okay, here goes nothing."

I pressed the green send key and put the phone to my ear, my nerves completely abated since I'd accepted that we'd lost. I barely noticed the dial tone instead of busy tone. My heart flew to my throat. "Oh my god, Cate, it's ringing."

Her face visibly paled a little. "Wait, what?"

I started giggling a little hysterically. "I said it's ringing!"

"Hello there, who am I talking to?" a male voice asked me through my phone. It suddenly felt like someone had a death grip on my vocal cords, but somehow I managed to choke out, "Um, my name's Alex."

"And where are you from Alex?"

Caity was holding my free hand with both of hers and staring at me expectantly, grinning from ear to ear. "Uh, I'm from Concord."

"Well, congratulations Alex from Concord, you're our hundredth caller! You and a friend will be joining the cast at the red carpet premiere of New Moon!"

I looked at Caity as a slow grin spread over my face. She started laughing hysterically. "Oh. My. GOOOOSH!!!!!!" I started laughing and squealing into the phone. "I can't believe this!!! Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! Oh my gosh we're going to the premiere!!"

"Congratulations Alex! Stay on the line and we'll get all your information." The line clicked over to hold and a woman came on who took all of my information down. I could barely register what I was telling her and Cate had to keep helping me remember things like my last name and phone number.

Finally, I hung up with the station after being told our tickets would be mailed to me within a month of the premiere. I stared at my phone and then looked up at Caity.

"Cate, we're going to the premiere."

She laughed. "Yea Al, we are!"

We stared at each other for a few more seconds and then started laughing hysterically and screaming all at once.

After a few minutes, we'd calmed down a little and were laying on the floor of Cate's room. "Oh man, Jackson had better watch out for me."

I laughed. "He has no idea what's about to hit him."


Thoughts? Please be brutally honest. Okay, maybe not brutal. But honest. Lol

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