Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memory, all alone in the moooonlight....

I felt like another awesome memories post was needed.

I adore this picture. It's from the Harry Potter 5 (4? 5?) midnight premiere. This is one of one million pictures the 3 of us took. It was so much fun.

Ah Junior Prom. It was so long ago. My Uncle Jim took this picture and I always loved it. Cate and I being us from someone else's point of view. I don't know, I've always thought it was sweet. And we looked damn good.

I love my brother. He's so cute. I took this without him knowing and I think it's SUCH a good picture of him.

HAHA this picture is so classic Bree. This was taken in Calculus, I think, our senior year. This is what she does when you say "Bree, smile!" Haha isn't she precious?

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