Monday, June 8, 2009's a secret!

I think secrets are really important. Everyone needs to have a secret, something you don't tell anyone else, something that's only for you. Secrets make you feel special and unique. I love knowing something that no one else knows. It makes me feel powerful. It doesn't have to be anything big or life changing. It can be as simple as disappearing for an hour and not telling anyone where you went. That's one of my favorites. Usually I just go get ice cream or something, but they don't know that. I could have been doing anything.

This probably sounds funny coming from a spoiler nut and gossip hound like me. I'll admit it, I am not the best secret keeper. I have trouble not telling people the things I hear about other people, and I love all the gossip magazines and spoiler websites. I like all the knowledge, I like knowing more than most people, even if it's irrelevant stuff that I know.

But I think there's a really big difference between gossip and secrets. A real secret is something you don't tell anyone at all. Ever. If you don't want everyone to know, you shouldn't tell anyone at all, because sooner or later everyone is going to know. Telling secrets is addictive. Once you tell one person, you will almost surely tell another because the reaction you get is such a high. Its so much fun telling someone a secret. Because of this, I don't have very many secrets. I can't keep them to save my life. I like telling people and seeing how they react.

Unfortunately for you guys, that means the few secrets I do have are really freakin juicy. They are good. But they are real secrets, things only meant for me to know. Maybe someday they'll become irrelevant and I'll be able to tell them, but for now my secrets are mine to keep and yours to wonder about. I hope everyone has something they don't tell anyone else. I recommend finding something if you don't because it's a wonderful feeling.

And feel free to continue to tell me everything you don't mind others knowing... : )

Sorry this is so random and probably completely nonsensical. this just came to me as I was writing in my journal and I felt the need to blog it. Loves to all!

DISCLAIMER: I may be a gossiper but I am also a damn good friend. I won't tell anything said to me if the best friend code is enacted. Don't worry.

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  1. First of all I love that you said "nonsensical". It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. Secondly, I love enacting the best friend code. Thank goodness for the best friend code.