Friday, June 5, 2009

i can smile at the old days...

procrastination = another memories post

Greatest picture of jeremy EVER. Hahahaha it was so fucking cold in that tent.

This is from our second year? first year? i can't remember. i know we were bowling here, so i think it was first year. i always loved this picture of us.

hahahaha this is from last summer, we did a scavenger hint around our town. it was SO much fun and i totally want to do it again this summer. i can't remember what object they found here, something disney maybe? cate do you remember?

us reppin our schools. presh.

we actually screamed here. one of my favorite photoshoots of all time. <3


  1. I absolutely abhor that picture of us with our school stuff on. And no I don't remember what that one of the scavenger hunt thing was. I was with Samantha and Jenna I think but we had some kind of disney thing as well.

  2. It was FREEZING! That picture doesn't even begin to describe how freaking COLD I was. Dear god, my socal body just can't handle those temperatures!