Monday, June 1, 2009

My Current Obsessions: An Update

Before I go to sleep, I just thought I'd update everyone on my current obsessions. This way hopefully they'll all be out of my mind for at least a little while and I can get some peace. Doubtful, but worth a shot.

- Twitter. Can't stay away from it. Not sure why it's so fun, but holy eff I love it. I'm at 300+ updates now. Go me!
- Blogging, obviously. I told you all when I started this that it was a terrible idea because I loved talking about myself. See? I'm not a liar.
- Gossip Girl, specifically Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Every song I hear makes me think of them, I read fanfiction, I rewatch the finale, I youtube clips and fanvideos, my screen saver is Chuck&Blair. Yea, I've definitely reached dangerous levels of obsession.
- True Blood. 13 days until the second season premiere and it can't come soon enough! I'm so excited to see how Alan Ball changes it up.
-Eric Northman. Both the character, and his portrayer, Alexander Skarsgard. I pretty much do everything for him that I do for Chuck&Blair. Definitely at dangerous levels of obsession.
- ONTD. If you don't frequent this site, you absolutely must start now. It took my interest in celebrities to a full blown obsession. It's awesome.
- Leighton Meester. She plays Blair on GG, she sings (and is actually really good), she's gorgeous, down to earth, and seems like a really cool person to be around. I want to be her best friend. Total girl crush.
- Apple Sauce. Random, I know, but for some reason right now all I want to eat is apple sauce. Original, not cinnamon, ewe. I love it.
- The Twilight Saga: New Moon. After the trailer premiere today and getting our tickets to comic-con last week, my love for all that is Twilight has been re-ignited and I'm back to obsession levels. Awesome.

That's all for now I think. I mean, there's the stuff I'm always obsessed with, but these are the current focuses. Love to all! <3

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