Monday, June 8, 2009

memories, turn your face to the moonlight...

More memories! Happy happy happy!

This is from the Brad Paisley Concert last summer. I love this picture of us. I think this is pretty much our basic pose, lol, we do it whenever we see a camera. I have so many pictures of us like this. We both look really happy here and that makes me smile.

Lol cate took this picture and it makes me laugh because it's so typical. Checking my makeup as usual. There's a reason it always looks good people.

Hahahaha I LOVE this picture. Lauren put on Holly's TKD gear and then kept making us punch her. It was so funny.

I think this could be my favorite picture from my birthday. Samantha's face is absolutely priceless. Team pimp'n'hoes rocked, screw the manlog. This will forever make me smile.

This is from Sarah's birthday this year. Laur and I ordered a lava cake and SHARED it. That's right. We felt the need to document this historic moment. So behold, the moment when Lauren and Alex shared food. It's monumentous.

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  1. I felt the Earth shake a bit when I saw that last picture... Be careful!