Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Analysis of the New Moon Trailer

Alright kiddies, now that I've had time to watch the New Moon trailer on repeat and playback, here's my scene-by-scene analysis.

Dang Bella, THAT is an eyebrow arch. Bamf.

Sigh. So wonderful. Their kisses are pretty epic. And she said "I love you," finally! That was sorely missing from Twilight. I hope he says it back immediately.

This scene is weird. You can tell that it's cut together, spliced from different moments during the actual scene, but Rob's line is really odd. "You're my only reason for staying, [CUT] alive, if that's what I am." What? It's a weird sentence to create. I'm sure the full scene is great, and they're clearly setting up the whole Romeo&Juliet thing, it's just a weird moment in the trailer. Rob looks great though.

Cullens FTW. How gorgeous is that set-up?? The Cullens look awesome. I love Rose and Jasper's wigs, they look really good. I also like the little moment going on with Rose and Emmet. Precious. And I love that Alice and Bella's relationship seems more developed. That was one of my biggest issues with Twilight.

GOSH what a cake. That is gorgeous. It's exactly what Alice would order, but it's still so Bella too. Awesome job.

Papercuts in a house full of vampires are not good. Shit, Jaz looks crazy!! Good acting Jackson!!

I like this, I think it looks very realistic. Except for the lack of reactions from Emmet and Rosalie. What the crap? They look bored.

The wire work already looks better!! And a little reaction from the rest of the Cullens, thank goodness.

Wow Bella, you're handling that giant gash on your arm pretty well. I hope they don't overlook the fact that Bella hates blood. I always liked that, I think it's funny.

I love Rob's face here. It's perfect. He looks so cold and distant, like he really doesn't care that he's leaving her. Harsh.

I was thrilled to see this scene being included. For some reason, I didn't think they were going to have Bella curl up in the forest and almost die. For the 5 seconds we see it, I think Kristen does a really good job.

LOVE the clear color shift. Twilight was all blues and greens, and now New Moon is all earthy and brown. Very cool detail.

She looks SO sad. Wow, this is gonna be a tough movie.

HOLY EYES. They look AMAZING. Well done Chris Weitz, the contacts look SOOOO much better!!!

She's totally hearing Edward right now.... : )

Well hello Jacob. Yowza. So Holly and I determined after multiple watches that the scenes of Jake are 3 different scenes. In an interview, Taylor said he thinks this scene is towards the end of the movie. Honestly, it could be anywhere, it's just him being hot.

This part is NOT from the Laurent/Bella scene it precedes.

I love this screen cap!! Perfect moment, Laurent sees the wolf pack and is completely shocked. Very cool! I want to see the whole pack!!

So this scene is a puzzler. Bella's wearing a different outfit from both the Laurent scene AND the scene after. She yells, "Jake, run!!" I have no clue what this could be. Victoria maybe? Any ideas?

So this is the scene where Jake fights Paul, Taylor said so in an interview. I knew it wasn't the Laurent scene because Bella was dressed differently, plus it just didn't fit, and I suspected it was Paul. So excited to see this in full!

For CGI, I think this is pretty darn impressive. The phase is perfect.

He just explodes into wolf form and I love the bits of clothes floating around him. Haha, that's so perfect!!

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the wolf. It's exactly how I pictured it in the books. Love love love it. I was so excited they showed it to us, I didn't think they would!

Overall, I am extremely impressed. I can't get over how ACCURATE it seems. This is barely the tip of the iceberg and already it seems close to perfect. And it LOOKS so much better. The contacts, the hair, the costumes, everything just looks cleaner and more put together. Now we're just waiting on the Volturi!! I am so excited for this movie!!

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