Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Codes of Conduct When a Vampire's Hostage

When you're being held captive by vampires in a super creepy dungeon, there are certain codes of conduct. Lafayette is smart. He knows the codes of conduct. Royce was not. He ignored the codes of conduct. Lets all learn from Royce's mistake.

This is Lafayette. He's a survivor.

This is Royce. He's an idiot.

This is Eric, their captor. He's a 1000 year old viking. Don't let the hair foil and beauty cape fool you, like it did Royce.

This is the proper reaction to Eric.

This is not.

Because when you shove a silver cross into Eric's face, he gets really mad.

And when Eric gets mad, he does this.
Yes. That's Royce's arm no longer attached to his body. Bad news Royce.

So you see? When you're being held by a 1000 year old viking, don't be like Royce. Royce is dumb and he became Eric's dinner.

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